Comics Helper

Recieving an order

For my customer, one key feature is setting aside the comics for each customer. In their case, they have two shops and many customers. A customer pull sheet might have “All Spider-man”. That sounds great in theory but has some potential pitfalls. New comics are delivered to one location, sorted, then dropped off at the other. Suppose at the sorting location, an issue of Silk is set aside as part of “All Spider-man”. Once delivered to the second store, that issue needs to be set aside for the specific customer.

Finding ways to handle repeatable tasks more reliably.

Comics Helper now has a feature where you can check each title in multiple contexts. Suppose you took delivery of Silk and Amazing Spider-man. You add them to receiving. The app tells you exactly how many you need to set aside for pull boxes. In this case, you’ll see three issues of Silk, two for one store and one for another. You’d see the same thing for Amazing Spider-man. Once you have set aside all your titles for files, you can change the view to fulfillment. This new view shows each customer’s title list. No more worrying that you may or may not have pulled the correct books for the correct customer.

Each customer has a unique and specific title

If a customer wants both A and B covers of Silk, that’s achievable. Each title can have a note on it, and those are visible wherever you see a customer’s title. Rather than having a title called “Silk, A and B”. You’d set up two titles of Silk, one with a note for each cover. This makes checking-in deliveries straightforward. You’ll never miss a title. And, of course, when the Silk mini-series ends, you can deactivate the title, which will be out of view on all hold files. Next time Silk comes back, you can simply turn it back on, and it will reappear on all hold files.

Until next month!